Vacation Care

Let Splash Into... bring the magic and excitement of the underwater world to your Centre.

We offer a variety of packages to suit your children and their interests.

Touch and Feel Program
Your children can get up close and personal with our sea creatures. They will have the opportunity to touch a number of live marine invertebrates (eg: sea urchins and sea stars), as well as preserved marine specimens (eg: shark jaws, shark eggs and a turtle shell).

During the hour long program children learn about the marine environment through an engaging and hands-on presentation.

$240 for 1 hour program (maximum of 30 children).

Marine Masterpieces! + Touch and Feel
We provide your children with a range of recycled materials which they can then mix with a little bit of imagination to create their very own marine masterpieces.

The Marine Masterpieces program together with the touch and feel session provides an opportunity for the children unleash their creativity and explore the marine world without having to get their toes wet!

$450 for 1.5 hour program (maximum of 30 children). All materials are provided.

Tailor Made Programs
Whilst these are our typical vacation care programs, Splash Into... can create a program to suit larger groups or even programs which are longer in duration. Just ask us for a program to suit your needs.